Jamie Yost – Runaway 
Jamie Yost - Runaway

Release Date: 23rd November 2018

As 2018 creeps towards the end and we all thank our lucky stars that we’re still alive without a hint of nuclear winter, it’s encouraging to know that one of the most talented artists on the UK scene is still creating and heading in to 2019 stronger than ever. Plymouth based singer-songwriter Jamie Yost is about to unleash ‘Runaway’ on the world and it’s the perfect chaser to the excesses of the year. Yost’s guitar playing is light and colourful like the autumn leaves caught in a breeze while his voice is typically soft and warm like that haze of the winter sunrise over the Devon hills. The added purity of the guest backing vocals of Sadie Horler give this beautiful depth and the cavernous guitar notes echoing through the frosty air bring you home like the plumes of smoke from a well stoked fire – ironically, for a song called ‘Runaway’. Bring your warmest blanket and let’s snuggle down under this one, it’s going to be a long winter.

Live Dates:

16th November – Hangry, Plymouth
17th November – The Morley Arms, Plymouth
30th November – Single Launch @ The B Bar, Plymouth w/Luke Engels
10th December – The Bread & Roses, Plymouth