Jake Morley – I Hope That I Can Make It
Before We Have A Baby

Release Date: Out Now

If you are of an artistic bent and are engaged in a serious relationship and/or have children, then this song will resonate with you. Jake Morley is mid-way through a tour of the UK so it is tactically astute to drop another teaser track from his new arsenal of songs so here comes ‘I Hope That I Can Make It Before We Have A Baby’. As always with Morley, the lyrics and observations are razor sharp with lines like “Another white guy needs attention for his feelings, as if we’d ever need another one of those” and “There’s always stacking shelves in Sainsbury’s, Oh I hope that I can make it before we have a baby”. What is more unusual is the country tones that imbue this track with a sense of pre-loss and having the weight of the world (or at least a big decision) resting on one’s shoulders. It might not sound like a fun-time based on this review, but I’d urge you out to see Mr Morley on this tour if for no other reason than to just give him some money to help with the decision-making process.

Live Dates:

9th November – Eagle Inn, Salford
10th November – Music Room, Liverpool w/Hafdis Huld
16th November – Barrel House, Totnes
17th November – Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
21st November – The Islington, London
28th November – Running Horse, Nottingham
29th November – Café #9, Sheffield
30th November – Smokehouse, Ipswich

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1QxVGCu6JXuwjn0eL4blub