Famous – Surf’s Up! (Untitled Records) 
Famous - Surf's Up

Release Date: Out Now

If you’ve got two and a half minutes to bend your mind then give this slice of crazy a listen. London outfit Famous are coming to the table with debut single ‘Surf’s Up’ which is unhinged, to say the least. The plucked strings are psychotic, the vocals are rambling and ranting and there are about six different movements within this 150 second window in to madness. Essentially, if you can conjure up an image of a live, macabre stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being musically accompanied by Talking Heads playing a score written by Tim Minchin and David Lynch but on instruments that are made of broken glass and razor blades. I think that just about covers it…

Live Dates:

29th November – The White Rabbit, Bristol
15th December – The George Tavern, London
21st December – Windmill, Brixton