Elea Calvet – Sacrifice 
Elea Calvet - Sacrifice

Release Date: Out Now

Well, this is a bit sumptuous isn’t it? Oh, you haven’t heard it yet? I do apologise, allow me to make amends. This is Elea Calvet, she’s an artist of French-Candian heritage with an Indian upbringing now living in Bristol and this, well this is her new single ‘Sacrifice’ and it is glorious. From the humble and mournful beginnings of the sorrowful strings, this song grows and emerges completely organically in to something full of beauty and splendour. Cello and violin intermingle with the guitar and organ like gloriously drunk dancers at a Christmas Party as Calvet takes up the mantle from the likes of Anna Calvi, Hozier, Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley with elegance and confidence. This is lush in every sense (both Bristolian and otherwise) and we can surely expect more from such a talented woman, can’t we?

Live Dates:

17th November – Single Launch @ Rough Trade, Bristol
26th November – The Victoria, London w/The Confederate Dead + Sister Witch