Dom Champ – I Feel Better 
Dom Champ - I Feel Better

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton’s Dom Champ (Dominic Champion to his mum) has stopped me in my tracks with this one. Single ‘I Feel Better’ starts with a simple but forlorn piano chord structure and then Champ joins in with his best Mike Skinner confessional style and suddenly your drawn in to his internal monologue about the battle between the good times of drinking versus the self-destructive nature of using alcohol as a crutch. “I drink too much but when I’m drunk oh I feel better, I feel the love, is it real love? Man, I’m just drunk” goes the choir chorus with long, drawn out Cello notes giving this a real sense of the despair that underpins alcoholism. Guest vocalist Li Laurent comes in with a Kate Nash style rap from the girlfriend’s perspective “You’re a mess, Dom, I’m really not impressed. You slept all night above the covers fully dressed” and “you’ll say it’s fine coz you put it in a song” raps Li Laurent and you get a very real and raw sense of the emotion and mental turmoil coursing through this song. A superbly original and refreshing track with honesty and creativity at its heart but we all know that person who is always up for a drink so maybe give them a call and invite them out for a walk or a cuppa instead, just in case…

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