SPISH – We Like Jesus
SPISH - We Like Jesus

Release Date: Out Now

Nate Die is SPISH and SPISH is Nate Die. They are one and the same. The Pittsburgh solo artist arrives on the stage of life with the cheekily titled ‘We Like Jesus’ and, well, it’s a trip. Musically, this sounds like Pavement covering a Fatboy Slim track while Weezer get high in the control room with Eels and that’s a party I want to get involved in. The drums are warm and gorgeous, the guitars are fuzzy and the vocals make you both at ease and ill at ease like that guy at the bus stop who looks nice but also stands a bit too close to you. This is confusing and delightful in equal measure – just like I like my women.

Live Dates:

3rd November – Joe Negri Auditorium, Pittsburgh

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