Malmo – The Way feat. Eivor (Integrity
Malmo - The Way

Release Date: Out Now

Excellent Danish outfit are back with new single ‘The Way’ and they’ve brought along Faroe Islander Eivor for the ride. Musically, this is sparse and haunting stuff in the vein of Portishead or 12 Rounds but with an undoubtedly Nordic vibe drifting through the icily inviting wind. If you can listen to this without picturing a longboat gliding silently between ice flows then you’re not in touch with your Nordic side. The wondrous switch up is when the band channel Led Zeppelin and add a beefy rock edge to proceedings and those longboat-bound warriors raise their axes in readiness for battle. Dramatic, cinematic and just massively enthralling.

Live Dates:

19th October – Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid
9th November – Tojhuset, Fredericia