Lauran Hibberd – What Do Girls Want? (Be-
Lauran Hibberd - What Do Girls Want?
Known Music)

Release Date: Out Now

I can’t help but feel that Lauran Hibberd spends more time than she would like telling people that her name is ‘Lauran with two a’s. No, not Laauren, Lauran’. I know that pain so I’m already on Ms Hibberd’s side but then I heard her new single, ‘What Do Girls Wants?’ and it sealed the deal. Perky and frenetic guitars along with Hibberd’s bubblegum pop vocal get going straight away and if you’re not in love from the get-go then you’ve lost your sense of fun. There’s a keyboard melody lifted straight from Blondie, the energy of Charly Bliss and the sass of early Kate Nash all wrapped up in a sub three-minute indie-pop track of perfect proportions. “What do girls want? Honey if I knew, I still wouldn’t tell you” goes the chorus and it’s that sense of empowered mischief that makes this so utterly joyous. So remember, that’s L.A.U.R.A.N., capiche?

Live Dates:

12th November – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham w/Jealous of the Birds
13th November – Chameleon, Nottingham w/Jealous of the Birds
14th November – Yes Basement, Manchester w/Jealous of the Birds
18th November – The Glad Café, Glasgow w/Jealous of the Birds
19th November – Surf Café, Tynemouth w/Jealous of the Birds
20th November – Brasil, Bristol w/Jealous of the Birds