Fröst – La Venus d’Argent (Lost Room
Fröst - La Venus d'Argent

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton duo Fröst are back with another single (cue rejoicing) but I’m stuck on pronunciation – is it Fruhst? Froost? Does it matter? Who knows. Anyway, ‘La Venus d’Argent’ is out now and it’s a thing of understated but sexy beauty. The breathy vocals and 70s electro rhythm that gets things going is entirely Stereolab influenced but when that drum and bass (not drum’n’bass, you understand) rhythm section gets throbbing we’re off, speeding on the back of a Vespa through the dark streets of Paris. This track doesn’t crave your attention because it simply knows that your attention will be drawn in, your interest piqued and your arousal…aroused – if you follow me. The 70s electro-pop influence is strong – from the vocals to the synths to the video – but the era doesn’t matter as class will always out and this is hella classy.

Live Dates:

6th October – Dials Festival, Portsmouth
13th October – Shake the High Road Festival, London
15th October – Oslo, London w/77:78

Watch the Video: