Elena Ramona – Foreverlution 
Elena Ramona - Foreverlution

Release Date: Out Now

I’m always interested in how people end up in one place when they’ve come from somewhere else so the odyssey of Elena Ramona from the Greek island of Skiathos to the Surrey town of Guildford, home of my grandparents, has me intrigued. Ramona’s new EP starts with ‘My World’ and it has the sprinkled magic of sunlight on an evening Mediterranean shoreline but the edge of British alt-pop that makes this pop and zing with optimism and a sense of new adventures to come. ‘Electric Love’ is  up next and has a summer-funk vibe to it which makes you want to put the top down and drive over to Pharrell’s house for a pool party.

The mid-point of this EP is marked by title track ‘Foreverlution’ which has a slick R’n’B vibe, EDM beats and shows of Ramona’s darker side but a sleek tune that means business. On ‘Indestructible Me’, the shuddering melody and beat combo grabs the attention while Ramona does her best Jessie J meets Seaker impression bringing the style and sass together smoothly. Finally, ‘The Neon Lights’ moves towards the pop ballad territory and has a quiet steeliness to it which, mixed with the sparse piano and guitar lines, makes this a moody wonder. Elena Ramona is a sophisticated and stylish artist with more than one string to her bow so I, for one, am glad she made the voyage.

Live Dates:

11th October – EP Launch Party @ The Star Inn, Guildford

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/437fXYF7kDEAmUZJUhq7Vc?si=I0wf7d9zToyrkpBBLj5k1g