The Dirty Nil – Master Volume (Dine Alone
The Dirty Nil - Master Volume

Release Date: 14th September 2018

It is here. The hotly anticipated new album from Canadian trio the Dirty Nil is here and it is glorious. Fuelled by passion, rage, intensity and no little sense of injustice, ‘Master Volume’ is as pithy as it is brutal and it is just what we need right now. The album opens with ‘That’s What Heaven Feels Like’ a grunge’n’roll track with no shortage of swagger, largely due to the huge guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on compatriots Monster Truck’s latest album. ‘Bathed in Light’ strikes a balance between Glam Rock and early Oasis but there’s a chorus that was born in 90s Seattle and left to raise itself with nothing but a pick and a bottle of beer. It’s an intense start so there’s a sense of relief when ‘Pain of Infinity’ opens with a slower beat but it turns out there’s no let-up in the intensity, it’s a false dawn of screamed vocals and powerhouse drums.

Now, I need to point out that ‘Please, Please Me’ has no resemblance to the Beatles song but is instead a Ramones instead boozy romp through a sweaty, punchy, rowdy crowd in pursuit of the next beer. ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ finally slows things down but the passion in the vocals skews the notes to a point where you can’t help but think of Cobain and some of his pain-inspired performances – the lyric “I mean this in a nice way….Fuck You!” is a particularly visceral moment in a song full of bile and anger. ‘Always High’, by comparison, is a floaty little pop number…..just kidding, there’s still that passion but this time there’s a sense of faded nostalgia as if you’re driving past your old stomping ground and it’s been gentrified beyond all recognition.

The Dirty Nil
The fun continues on ‘Smoking Is Magic’ which barrels along like AC/DC being driven to the bowling alley by Josh Homme and Dave Grohl (and they’re already late) while ‘Super 8’ brings back memories of listening to bands like the Ataris or Engine 88 back in the day. Recent single ‘I Don’t Want That Phone Call’ is as driving and primal as ever and the album peaks with ‘Evil Side’ which is twice the length of any other song on this collection. This final number starts with an indie-rock shimmer that is reminiscent of the Killers before sprawling in to an out of control rock behemoth that just destroys everything that comes after or has gone before – you can see why they left it until the end of the album (and, presumably, set). The Dirty Nil are the natural progression of rock in the 21st century. That is to say, they manage to wrangle ideas, messages and challenge in to pithy three minute pop songs and then wrap them in distortion, anger, blood-curdling vocals and honest emotion until you have to swallow it whole or not at all. All or nothing, then, just the way they’d want it.

Live Dates:

18th September – Indie88, Toronto
25th September – The Waterfront, Norwich
26th September – The Flapper, Birmingham
27th September – The Joiners, Southampton
28th September – Boston Music Room, London
24th October – The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland
25th October – The Underground, Detroit
26th October – Cobra Lounge, Chicago
27th October – Freakfest, Madison
28th October – First Avenue & 7th St Entry, Minneapolis
30th October – The Good Will, Winnipeg
31st October – Amigos, Saskatoon
1st November – The Starlite Room, Edmonton
2nd November – Commonwealth Bar & Stage, Calgary
3rd November – The Cabaret, Biltmore
4th November – Lucky Bar, Victoria
6th November – Funhouse, Seattle
7th November – Holocene, Portland
10th November – The Echo, Los Angeles
11th November – The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix
13th November – Barracuda, Austin
14th November – Three Links, Deep Ellum
15th November – Santos Bar, New Orleans
16th November – The Masquerade, Atlanta
17th November – The End, Nashville
18th November – Local 506, Chapel Hill
20th November – DC9, Washington
21st November – Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia
23rd November – Mercury Lounge, New York
24th November – Middle East Restaurant, Cambridge
26th November – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles, Quebec
27th November – L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle, Montreal
28th November – Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa
29th November – Wax Nightclub, Kitchener
30th November – Rum Runners, London
1st December – The Opera House, Toronto