pop!SUGAR – Taste the Rainbow 
pop!SUGAR - Taste the Rainbow

Release Date: Out Now

Who fancies a bit of pop-EDM mash-up as an ode to the humble Skittle (aka the sweet/candy, not the wooden object that beaded men throw balls at in old pubs)? Well, if that particular niche is your thing then a) you’re a picky sod and b) you’re a lucky sausage because enigmatic duo pop!SUGAR have got your back with new single ‘Taste the Rainbow’. Now, as tunes go this is upbeat, edgy and unpredictable which is more than enough for me but the fact that this is about Skittles is just the cherry on the cup cake. Sugary sweet vocals and melodies that switch from nursery rhyme innocence to crunching bass lines and sketchy beats all mix together like the different flavours in your mouth to create one almighty rush. I’m looking forward to the follow up singles ‘Highland Toffee’ and ‘Nerds’.

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