Katy Hurt – Revved Up 
Katy Hurt - Revved Up

Release Date: 12th October 2018

The blues guitar and banjo picks that kick this track off are straight off the rail-road tracks of the American mid-West and Katy Hurt’s voice was surely born and schooled in the spit’n’sawdust bars of Nashville. Well, I can’t speak for the guitars but Katy Hurt is a London girl teaching those yanks just how it’s done and she’s doing a fine job of it. New single ‘Revved up’ is a Bonnie and Clyde tale in cowboy boots, a tassled leather jacket and mirrored aviator shades that makes country-rock sound like a genre that might just viable again. Hurt’s voice takes Dolly Parton’s twang and Beth Ditto’s soul, wraps it all up in a basket with a bow before setting fire to it and leaving it on your door step. If this song was a woman it would kiss you sweetly but then bite your lip enough to draw a little blood and that’s a spicy combination.