Black Bear Kiss – Hooks/Secret Side
Black Bear Kiss - Hooks/Secret Side

Release Date: Out Now

When you start a band, you have to choose a name and when you consult the random band name generator you’ll do well to get a colour, an awesome animal and something sexy. Black Bear Kiss were a fraction away from Pink Fish Handjob but they lucked out which means we can relax and enjoy these two tracks without any sense of discomfort. ‘Hooks’ gets straight down to business with a funky and dirty rock riff that takes a path that walks between Arctic Monkeys and a slightly more indie version of Queens of the Stone Age. The stronger of the two tunes, however, is ‘Secret Side’ which is loosely slung around a bass line that bubbles and pops with a cheeky energy. There is a more indie feel here with a darker version of the Kaiser Chiefs shining through with more than a nod to the guitar bands of the 90s. Strong band name game, then, and promising music to boot.

Live Dates:

15th September – Actress & Bishop, Birmingham w/Broozer + Deaf Balloons