Ah! Kosmos – Wide feat. Ozgur Yilmaz
Ah! Kosmos - Wide
(Compost Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Born in Istanbul but now based in Germany, Basak Gunak is a multi-talented musician and producer operating under the superhero name Ah! Kosmos. I’m not sure what her superpowers are but new single ‘Wide’ opens with a menacing guitar line straight out of the blues-rock hall of fame but set to a pulsing dance beat full of pent-up energy and the promise of release. When the atmospheric vocals join in it sends chills down your spine and then, well, then it all comes together, and you know this track means business. There is something primal, urgent and innately sexual about the way the intensity builds and builds and builds so when the release finally comes it is a serious sense of release and sheer pleasure. Not necessarily orgasmic but still incredibly satisfying – like morning sex under a warm duvet with sunlight dappling in through the window.

Live Dates:

7th November – Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

Watch the Video: