The Helters – Afghani Super Smack EP 
The Helters - Afghani Super Smack EP

Release Date: Out Now

There are some acts and artists that just carry an aura about them, as though they are destined for some level of greatness. Westcountry indie-rockers the Helters are one of those bands and their new EP, ‘Afghani Super Smack’ (because why not?), is a slice of potential with a sprinkling of realisation. Opening track ‘Salt’ kicks in with “If you washed the salt from your lips, you’d become completely tasteless. You’re so wasted” set to a dreamy guitar line before a furious riff and drum battle kicks off and the indie disco fun is all up in your grill with a mix of early Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the lighter end of the 90s Grunge scene. ‘Four Aces’ has a more straight-up indie vibe but those guitars are gorgeous and the Smashing Pumpkins meets Idlewild and Weezer on an alternative karaoke night out vibe is a strong one.

Track three of this EP, ‘Afterglow’, has the feel of a summer indie anthem with edgy, urgent guitars and a chorus the Killers would, well, kill for never mind the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen. The EP closes out with ‘Killing Joke’ in a squall of guitars and a throbbing bass line that promises menace to anyone who gets close enough. These songs have energy, style, direction and a real sense of purpose that is hard to ignore and I would urge you not to. With the Gallaghers disappearing down each other’s throats and Damon Albarn disappearing up his own arse while Jarvis just turns in to a disaffected secondary school teacher in the early 80s, we need indie heroes right now and the Helters are already in their spandex.

Live Dates:

10th August – Loud in London Festival, Brick Lane w/Velvet Echoies + Munky


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