The Blinders – L’etat C’est Moi 
The Blinders - L'Etat C'est Moi

Release Date: Out Now

For three lads from Doncaster, The Blinders have earned themselves one hell of a reputation and that only seems to be growing. This latest single, ‘L’etat C’est Moi’, not only quotes Louis XIV and uses the infamous Paris riots as a theme, but it’s also a brilliant piece of darkwave indie-rock. The spirit of Charles Manson flows throw a track with all the cool of Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Arctic Monkeys at their darkest. “I’ve got divine right” they spit down the microphone atop a rumbling guitar and bass dual riff as those piledriver drums hammer at your door like the King’s own bailiffs coming for your outstanding taxes. Saviours of rock’n’roll? Hell no, these in an elevator that only goes down but it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

Live Dates:
6th June – Borderline, London
8th June – Gorilla, Manchester
28th July – Kendal Calling Festival, Kendal

Watch the Video: