Scribble Victory – All the Best Comebacks 
Scribble Victory - All the Best Comebacks

Release Date: Out Now

Derby duo Scribble Victory came to my attention for the reasons that ‘scribble’ is one of my favourite words and I’m intrigued as to how you can be victorious at a scribble. Anyway, naming conventions aside, the pair’s new single, ‘All the Best Comebacks’, is a perky slice of acoustic indie-pop that has a truly English heart and a real sense of the sweetest melodies. Throw in a cleverly thought out video and the kind of guys that you’d be happy to take round to entertain your mum and you’ve got yourself a nicely packaged tune. My only criticism is that the niceness does tend to overflow at times and it feels a little as though I’m watching a CBeebies show about ‘making a song’ but Justin Fletcher doesn’t show up, so I’m convinced it’s legit. Scribble, though. Great word isn’t it?

Watch the Video: