Rainn Byrns – How Can I Get You Out Of My
Rainn Bryn - How Can I Get You Out Of My Life

Release Date: Out Now

This is the debut offering from London based Rainn Byrns and I really had not expectations here so was delighted by ‘How Can I Get You Out Of My Life’ and the accompanying video. Byrns is by no means a virtuoso performer and never has the word lo-fi been more fitting but there is an enormous amount of charm imbued throughout this track that has tones of Teenage Fan Club and the Lemonheads but with a young Lou Reed on vocals. A softly strummed guitar and shuffling beat give this a superbly beatnik feel and the low end recording on the vocals just adds to the vibe which flies in the face of the uber-polished pop currently clogging up our airwaves like so many plastic bags in the lungs of a whale. Refreshing stuff.

Watch the Video: