Ned – Give Me More 
Ned - Give Me More

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, the French. Is there nothing they can’t instantly make more sexy and alluring? The crime of the French is that they haven’t brought their beautiful language to more international hits but there’s always time, right? Ned is the name chosen by chanteuse Carine, presumably not realising (or caring) that this evokes images of aging Yorkshiremen to any Anglophile listeners but new single ‘Give Me More’ is undeniably continental, fresh and flirtatious. From the tightly strung and poppy guitar line to the enticing nightclub beat this track is one for the dance floor from the get-go but its Ned’s sultry vocals, switching between the French verse and English chorus, that really seals the deal. Perfect for a summer spent exploring the Med or cycling from party to party in Paris, Ned has captured the essence of youth and joie de vivre on this track so come on in and join us.

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