Michael Jablonka – Flump (Lost in the Manor
Michael Jablonka - Flump

Release Date: Out Now

Huge. Almighty. Fierce. Thunderous. All perfectly suitable words that would describe the new single from hotly tipped Michael Jablonka but he’s gone and chosen to label the song ‘Flump’. Now I enjoy the marshmallow snack called Flumps and I was a fan of the late 70s animated series based around the Flumps but if you think this track is going to soft, squidgy and child friendly then think again. Based around a monster truck of a pop-grunge riff, ‘Flump’ twists and grinds as if it is the musical embodiment of Jablonka fighting with his axe. Catchy riff and enormously enjoyable rock romp aside, Jablonka’s guitar work needs a moment of reflection as well as he manages to make those six strings sound clear, muddy, dirty, crunchy, bluesy, grungey and razor sharp at various points on this track which is no easy feat. Indeed, with such a great tune you could have forgiven him for just sticking to one guitar sound but this is a sign of a real talent that he’s not resting on his laurels – “no sense of entitlement”, as he so beautifully sings.