Maya Killtron - Satin Sheets

Maya Killton – Satin Sheets 

Release Date: Out now

Still one of the best names on the scene, Maya Killtron is back with new single ‘Satin Sheets’ and it’s a glorious slice of 90s inspired R’n’B pop. Killtron’s voice is, as always, full of soul and hits every note with unerring accuracy but there’s far more to this track than just a great voice. The bounce of the bass and the sprinkled synth melodies mix R’n’B, pop and hip-hop to make the perfect tune for ladies to cruise down sun-soaked streets in their convertables checking out the guys in their high-tops and shades. Maya Killtron is the real deal and if this didn’t sound so fresh you could easily slot this in to a Best of the 90s R’n’B compilation.