Matthew North - AA Single

Matthew North – Everafter Evermore / As I  Think About the Time

Release Date: Out Now

Devon musician Matthew North has been around a while and making music as a solo musician as well as part of other projects. This latest solo release comes as a double A-Side (weirdly both songs come in at 4 minutes and 53 seconds) is a tale of two halves starting with ‘Everafter Evermore’ which has a familiar rock chug to it and brings up a vibe not unlike Spinal Tap with the power chords and mystically themed lyrics. ‘As I Think About the Time’ is the other track on this release and starts with some Pink Floyd guitars wailing across the horizon atop a Beatles-esque lament from the John Lennon side of the songwriting powerhouse. North’s voice is not necessarily his strong point and this second track tends to lumber slightly in terms of tempo but there are clear signs of a proficient and experienced musician here which certainly explains the longevity and range of his career.

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Live Dates:

10th June – The Bowling Green, Exeter
17th June – The Islington, London
21st June – Ashburton Arts, Ashburton
24th June – Moreton Music Day, Moretonhampstead
7th August – Peaky Blinders Bar, Paignton

25th August – St Sidwell’s Community, Exeter

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