Liines – Cold 
Liines - Cold

Release Date: Out Now

Manchester trio Liines are continuing their assault on my heart with a mind to worming their way in to may affections and I’m pretty much at the point of surrender. “It’s cold and I’m lonely, it’s cold and you’re nowhere” they sing as new single ‘Liines’ burrows relentlessly, unforgivingly in to your brain with a grinding bass line that just won’t give up and the kind of vocal performance and power that can only come from the pit of a soul tinged with life experience. This feels like the Gossip having a go at a New Romantic track with Joy Division on production duties and if that doesn’t give you a case of the Meerkats then, well, I think we both know this relationship is over.

Live Dates:

5th May – Membranes & Friends @ O2 Ritz, Manchester
18th August – Summer Weird Sin @ Windmill, Brixton
14th September – Head for the Hills, Ramsbottom