Lack of Afro – Back to the Day feat. Elliott
Lack of Afro - Back to the Day feat. Elliott Cole

Release Date: Out Now

Hold everything, hold everything. HOLD. EVERYTHING. Here it is folks, the sound of summer 2018 is right here and it comes from an unlikely source. Adam Gibbons is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Exeter who trades under the name Lack of Afro and he’s releasing a single, ‘Back in the Day’, featuring the vocal talents of Elliott Cole. Now, the key to absolute genius of this track is that is rich with the funk. It’s soaking in funk. Drenched in the stuff. From the scratchy guitars that sound as though they’re being played on a Detroit front step to the horns that are so smooth that they might as well be blowing in to honey, this is a class act from start to finish. The rhythm pops and clicks like a Jackson 5 track while Cole’s vocals are rich where they need to be and funky where you want them to be. Then there’s the funky little keys breakdown and the lyric “these days everybody rushing round, these days gotta just slow down” which just gives this a huge dose of authenticity. Get yourself a copy of this (on vinyl if that’s at all possible), open all the windows and doors, turn it up load and wait for the good times to come your way. And, just to clarify, that’s an almighty slab sun infused funk coming straight to your ears from Exeter, UK. Who’da thunk it, eh? 

Live Dates:

6th May – Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club @ Rock City, Nottingham
11th May – Bierkeller, Exeter
12th May – Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club @ Camp & Furnace, Liverpool
18th May - The 100 Club, London w/Crowd Company + Noble & Heath
19th May – Bassment, Chelmsford
26th May – Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club @ Band on the Wall, Manchester
31st May – The Parish, Huddersfield
1st June – Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle upon Tyne
8th June – Lemonfest 2018, Newton Abbot Racecourse