Jones – How About That (37 Adventures) 
Jones - How About That

Release Date: Out Now

There is a braveness and honesty about this latest release from London based Jones that is hard not to be impressed by. ‘How About That’, in this version at least, is stripped down to nothing more than a pinged, funky guitar melody and Jones’ supremely soulful voice and it fills you up with utter joy. Reminiscent of Sade in her prime, Jones has crafted a simple song that the likes of Little Mix or any of the other pop pretenders would kill for but it’s all hers and because it’s her voice that sells this it would be a crime for anyone to even touch this. A couple of years ago Dua Lipa came my way with a simple song and a great voice and I could easily put money on the same astronomical rise happening to Jones if I had any money. Expect big things.

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27th June – Rockwood Music Hall, New York

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