Ishani – Insomnia 
Ishani - Insomnia

Release Date: Out Now

London based but originally from Bangalore, Singer-Songwriter and Producer Ishani has a wonderfully unique sound about her judging from new single ‘Insomnia’. Although this has nothing to do with the Faithless hit of the same name, the dark and brooding electro pulses mixed in with distorted guitars is not dissimilar as well as drawing comparisons with the likes of Tricky, Portishead and Death in Vegas – all very good people to share a pigeon hole with if you ask me. Ishani’s voice flutters between fragility and ear splitting power like a moth around a light bulb but it’s the repeated refrain of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” that really hits home with a darkly chilling impact. Refreshingly cool and full of a bold power that comes from the darkest hours of the night – this is not music for cruising through the summer to, that’s for sure.