Gozer Goodspeed – Impossible to Pick Up EP 
Gozer Goodspeed - Impossible to Pick Up EP

Release Date: 8th June 2018

Gozer Goodspeed is one of the hardest working musicians in terms of the number of gigs he racks up but he’s also one of the few musicians out there who seeks to persistently adapt and advance his sound whilst never letting go of his Blues roots in all that he does. New EP, ‘Impossible to Pick Up’, is great evidence of Goodspeed’s continued development and, dare I say, evolution so I’d urge you to join me as journey through these four tracks.

Opening up with ‘Impossible to Pick Up’ and there’s that familiar and rich acoustic guitar rattle which has become something of a trademark or calling card for Goodspeed. But there’s more here as this song has a rock’n’roll soul wrapped around that Blues heart and as the percussion joins in you can feel this EP start to wake up as if from a long slumber, ready to stalk the earth once again. ‘Survivor by Habit’ continues the rock’n’roll theme with some Blues story telling woven in to the lyrics as the satisfying acoustic chug is given some support by the excellent bass work of Josiah Manning. We’re well in to a new era for Goodspeed’s music here as this feels like a full band approach rather than a soloist and you can start to picture what it might sound like if the troubadour had a band of brothers to support him on his live forays – not least when Manning gets on that organ for a full-blooded blues solo.

Things take a step back on ‘The Key Broke off Clean in the Lock’ as Goodspeed gets introspective with lyrics such as “I’m out of the loop but you’re endlessly looping, I’m looking at you as you look at me looking in”. This is the stuff the Doors or Dylan but played out with Goodspeed’s unmistakable vocal rasp nudged along by his trusty guitar and the Mandolin of the near-legendary Davey Dodds. The EP closes out with ‘Keep Your Expectations Low’ which is my current favourite of this crop due it’s funky guitar and organ duel played out over the top of a late-night Blues bar drum shuffle. Goodspeed’s story telling has always been top drawer but what’s so impressive on this EP is the progression in musical ideas and the swell of instrumentation that makes this feel like a Black Crowes acoustic collection or at the very least the work of someone with an international reputation. It’s only a matter of time though, I’m sure of that.

Live Dates:

12th May – Rock Bottom Bar, Plymouth
19th May – The Snooty Fox, Torquay
20th May – Peaky Blinders, Paignton
24th May – Bierkeller, Exeter w/Davey Dodds
3rd June – Freedom Community Festival, Plymouth
14th June – The Millbridge Pub, Plymouth
17th June – Penventon Park Hotel, Redruth
23rd June – Fellowfest 2018, Langaford Farm
26th June – Peaky Blinders, Paignton
8th July – Inn on the Shore, Downderry
11th July – Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
19th July – The Millbridge Pub, Plymouth
22nd July – Peaky Blinders, Paignton
28th July – Lapstock Festival
5th August – Haywood Cider Farm, St Mabyn
10th August – Ocean City Blues’n’Jazz Festival, Plymouth
15th August – Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
24th August – Rockest & Rascals, Plymouth
7th September – The B-Bar, Plymouth w/Davey Dodds
12th September – Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
13th September – The Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth
23rd September – Peaky Blinders, Torquay
4th October – The Millbridge Pub, Plymouth
17th October -The Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
14th November – The Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth
6th December – The Millbridge Pub, Plymouth
12th December – Blues Bar & Grill, Plymouth