Elle Exxe – Queen 
Elle Exxe - Queen

Release Date: Out Now

I’d normally describe Edinburgh’s Elle Exxe as a pop princess but when she releases a track called ‘Queen’ you have to assume she’s had a promotion. There are two interesting angles to this latest release starting with the sparse piano and vocal melody that doesn’t manage to contain the sheer power and passion that’s imbued within Exxe’s message of empowerment. Then there’s the video of female fans and supporters lip-syncing the words in to phones, webams and cameras to show their support for the message of female power and independence. All of this builds to a triumphant climax via the slightly awkward sight of Clare Balding and Beth Tweddle joining with the miming which is, well, it’s very BBC. All in all, this is exactly the kind of tune that should be successful and give the young women of this world a shot in the arm so I hope this gets shared far and wide – no twerking required.

Live Dates:

13th July – Contra Costa County Fair Grounds, Antioch

Watch the Video: