Eliza Shaddad – White Lines 

Eliza Shaddad - White Lines

Release Date: Out Now

I’m not normally one for making a big deal out of a musician’s heritage or geographical background but I think the part-Sudanese and part-Scottish parentage of Eliza Shaddad and her current London location has definitely had an excellent influence on the rising star. ‘White Lines’ is the first offering ahead of Shaddad’s debut album and the gentle strum of the guitars has a feel of Teenage Fanclub or Belle & Sebastian at their most sombre but then the bass line undulates and rolls like something between trip-hop and soul. Shaddad’s voice has a soft sweetness to it like a sticky, sugary desert but there’s a delightfully bitter aftertaste that makes you want to go back for more. The musical equivalent of those super-sour sweets that rob you of your saliva but also trigger an instant addiction. There’s a wonderfully kooky video too so, all in all, this is a win.

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