Dancehall – Burn (Vibe/Anti-Vibe) 
Dancehall - Burn

Release Date: Out Now

Now, trio Dancehall might look like a bunch hipster douchebags on a stag do dressed up as even bigger hipster douchebags but we all know where judging books based on their covers gets us, right? The band’s new single, ‘Burn’, is actually a delight of dirty bass lines and sketchy melodies with the kind of drawled vocals that you don’t normally hear outside of the US. Essentially, if you think of Hot Chip getting Peter Hook in on bass and then channelling the spirit of Mark E. Smith through the body of Iggy Pop in a bath of Red Bull then you’ll probably have nightmares for a week but that’s kinda where Dancehall are coming from. They go a bit shoegaze and a bit grunge at various points but at its heart this is a dirty pop song and it’s all the better for it.

Live Dates:

5th June – Green Door Store, Brighton w/Slowcoaches
8th June – Huhnermanhatt, Halle
9th June – White Rabbit Club, Freiburg
12th June – Internet Explorer, Berlin
14th June – Café de Zwerver, Leffinge Leuren
20th June – Rough Trade East, London
1st July – The Prince Albert, Brighton
21st July – Livestock Festival