Bend Sinister – Show Me How To Love 
Bend Sinister - Show Me How To Love

Release Date: Out Now

Somewhere, pack in the mists of time, Chas and Dave were on tour in Canada and they sired some illegitimate sons which they forgot about before you could say prophylactic. Now, years later, these offspring have teamed up under the name Bend Sinister and, imbued with the unique genetic code for a keys based knees up, they have created the absolute belter that is ‘Show Me How To Love’. This track is a huge amount of fun and the central keyboard riff is straight out of a spit’n’sawdust down the East End of London but overlayed with the kind of North American cool that Rooney or the Killers swan about just oozing out of every pore. If this doesn’t get a whole bunch of hipsters forgetting that they’re trying to look cool and indifferent in festival fields this summer then there’s not hope for us all. Oh, and that whole Chas and Dave thing was just to make a point. It’s not a real. I can’t afford a cockney law suit any time soon.

Live Dates:

18th August – Cumberland WILD @ Cumberland Village Park, BC