The Big Sky – Taiwan EP 

The Big Sky - Taiwan EP

Release Date: Out Now

Chichester. Folktronica. Weird, right? Right but, as I keep telling the teenage kids that live in my house, weird is not a bad thing. This three track EP, ‘Taiwan’, from Chichester duo The Big Sky is as expansive as it is introspective, as organic as it is electronic and as familiar as it is jarring. Opening track ‘On the Run’ evolves from the haunting folky plucked strings of a Mumford & Sons or Brother & Bones track in to a dubby, sketchy and blissed piece of electronica that makes you want to lie on a beach as the sun goes down and the party starts to wind in to action. ‘The Afterglow’ comes in at just under 13 minutes long but again we’re on a journey that takes us from the folky roots of the British Isles to Balaeric islands and you don’t notice the time passing as this song meanders and winds through a summer of love, adventure and new experiences. The closing track of this collection is ‘One Brush with Love’ which starts with tender vocals and intertwined, plucked strings that get swept along by processed beats and uplifting synths and on paper it shouldn’t work but, well, it just does. I can totally picture this duo killing it in a tent at a festival somewhere this summer as folkies and dance nuts dance side by side without really understanding why.

Live Dates:

18th April – The Backroom, Chichester
25th May – The Prince Albert, Brighton
3rd June – The Brighton Fringe Festival @ Crown’s, Brighton