Tee Krispil – Badangadang 
Tee Krispil - Badangadang

Release Date: Out Now

I’m slowly but surely falling in love with Toronto’s Tee Krispil but I can’t quite work out how serious she’s being and how much she’s just poking fun at the world. New single, the brilliantly titled ‘Badangadang’, is a blissed out and trippy slice of hip-hop that is full of female pride and power but also raw confidence and sexuality. The sparse keyboard chords and stabbed beats work as the perfect foil for lyrics like “I ain’t a hoe or a housewife, get the fuck out of my face” as well as a whole load of pot smoking references which leave you thinking that Krispil really ought to hook up with Angie for a duet. The video looks like Tee and her friends had a lot of fun making it as well so this is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

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