Syrra – Wasp 
Syrra - Wasp

Release Date: Out Now

If you listen to this single with the accompanying video as your first exposure to it then you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a lost rehearsal video from an early Sia tour but you’d be wrong. This is, in fact, multi-national duo Syrra with new single ‘Wasp’ and it’s a hypnotic, entrancing piece of music the blends moody guitars, dark beats and both organic and electronic instrumentation to create something quite disarming. Lyrics like “I’m a hag digging for gold” and “I’m a bee that wants to be a wasp” set this aside from your average alt-pop single to make something that can truly be considered as art-pop and I’d urge you to give this one some of your precious time. That’s right, switch of Love Island and enjoy this instead – there’s a step-ladder in the video for no good reason.

Watch the Video: