Sam York – Safety in Numbers 
Sam York - Safety in Numbers

Release Date: Out Now

I do love a little lyrical gymnastics and London singer-songwriter Sam York has been limbering up – possibly in a leotard, possibly not. New single ‘Safety in Numbers’ might sound like the love song of someone suffering with autophobia but it’s actually more akin to someone obsessed with numerology. The Americana tinged acoustic strums get this going with a warm, sunrise on a Saturday feeling but it’s only when those aforementioned lyrics arrive that the real magic happens. “A one time I lost my way til your two hands helped to guide me home now there are three words you told me to say and four walls I built you stone by stone”, sings York and you can see the pattern forming here. The rush of percussion and use of violins adds some swell to this which matches the swell of emotions this track brings about. As the urgency builds with a soft drum thud and those violin stabs, York’s soft yet assured grows in power and hits you right in the feels. This is a charming, Jake Morley-esque track that I am hugely enamoured with having only just discovered Sam York so I’ll be looking out for more and you should too.

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