Man With A Mission – Take Me Under (Sony Music) 

Man with a Mission - Take Me Under

Release Date: Out Now

Upon hearing Man with a Mission for the first time, I lazily assumed they were a US group of nu-metallers with a modern twist. However, this Tokyo five piece (Tokyo Tanaka, Jean-Ken Johnny, Kamikaze Boy, Spear Rib and DJ Santa Monica to give them their full and almost certainly fake names) are much, much more than that as new single ‘Take Me Under’ testifies. Sure, the bass drum gets a hard-rock battering and the riffs come fast and furious but there’s a powerful melody here that sits somewhere between A, Incubus and Hundred Reasons and sharp musicianship that doesn’t miss a note or a beat. Oh, and they genuinely seem to spend their lives wearing wolf heads which is, y’know, different. I believe they call that a unique selling point in the business world…

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