Liines – Find Something (Reckless Yes
Liines - Find Something

Release Date: Out Now

McVeigh, Middleton and O’Sullivan may sound like a group of dodgy solicitors, but these three women are in fact Mancunian post-punkers Liines so don’t go asking them to alter your Granny’s will without her knowing. The trio’s new single ‘Find Something’ starts with a dirty, grumbling guitar line that is nothing if not the throb of a motorbike waiting for a green light – all throttle twists and exhaust fumes. The drums have a low timbre while the vocals wail like the Long Blondes making a comeback with Beth Ditto behind the production controls. Liines have power, style and a sense of purpose on this track which is a powerful triumvirate of qualities to have as a person but as a band, well, you’d better not stand in their way. You’ve been warned.

Live Dates:

13th April – Sound Food & Drink, Liverpool w/ Bleaches + Seegulls
14th April – When in Manchester Festival, Manchester w/Nova Twins + Hey Charlie + Carl North & The Lonely Hearts + The Big Peach + The RPMs + more.
20th April – Oslo, London w/Desperate Journalist + The Caress
5th May – Membranes and Friends @ The Ritz, Manchester w/the Membranes + Evil Blizzard + The Lovely Eggs + The Cravats + One Sided Horse + Sink Ya Teeth
14th September – Head for the Hills, Ramsbottom w/The Selector + The Beat + The Lovely Eggs, The Bluetones + Barry Hyde + Stealing Sheep + Alice Jemima + The Boomtown Rats + Molotov Jukebox + Young Monarch