Husk – Proper Electropop EP 
Husk - Proper Electropop EP

Release Date: Out Now

Mancunian soloist Husk brings a debut EP in the shape of ‘Proper Electropop’ and it comes with a real sense of purpose and bluster. The opening track, ‘Brother Kin’, comes on in a blur of dreamy 80s synths and vocals that sound like Prince laying down some nervous demos in his early days. ‘Every Bone’ takes me back to the much-missed Tempo Shark with it’s sharp vocal delivery, punchy beats and swathes of electro melodies waving in and out of consciousness. The final track of this collection is ‘You Got It’ placed somewhere between Madonna’s earliest works, Bros and Years & Years with it’s insatiably perky melodies and bouncing rhythms giving it the kind of energy that it’s hard to refuse. Husk has a knack for creating feather-light pop with a sense of hope and innocent wonder about it which is something we need in the world today, I think we can all agree on that.

Live Dates:

22nd April – Night People, Manchester