Diamante – Volume 1 (Better Noise Records) 
Diamante - Volume 1 EP

Release Date: Out Now

There are certain artists that crop up in my inbox and immediately my interest is piqued. Boston’s Diamante is one such artist and it’s not because of her striking hair or polished visuals, no, it’s because she creates damn fine pop-rock music and with this being her first extended player I just had to dive in. The first of the five tracks is former single ‘Had Enough’ and it’s an urgent, punchy, honest song full of attitude and snarled vocals. The rapid-fire riffs and machine gun drums hit you around the head in the best way possible while Diamante vocals switches between the pop sweetness of Pink or Kelly Clarkson and the rock rage of Courtney Love at her best. ‘Bulletproof’ is up next and the sassy, brassy style continues with Diamante swaggering in full of confidence and bravado as the rock guitars give this track the power to impress.

On ‘Fight Like A Girl (F.L.A.G.)’ we find our heroine channelling the likes of Joan Jett and Suzi Quatro with huge drums, chunky glam riffs and a chorus the size of, well, Boston. On ‘Sleepwalking’ things take a step down in the pace stakes as Diamante moves in to Linkin Park territory (without stepping over the Evanescence line) and the multitracked vocals are matched in force only by the relentless drums and riffs churning throughout this one. ‘Volume 1’ closes out with ‘War Cry’ and this is where Diamante’s blend of pop melodies and rock power really comes in to its own. “This is my war cry, this is my war cry” goes the chorus with the kind of fist in the air, clenched teeth anger that could just make this an anthem for a movement. Melodies, hooks, beats, power and a whole load of tunes that would suit mainstream radio, film soundtracks and packed out festival fields – if Diamante can get this all in to a five track EP then imagine what an album could achieve? I dare you.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsDiamante/