December ‘91 – Starin’ at the Freaks (Integrity Records)
December '91 - Starin' at the Freaks

Release Date: Out Now

In December 1991 I was but a slip of a lad but who says we’re talking about 1991, eh? Stirling soloist Craig Ferrie goes by the name December ’91 but he could be referring to 1891, 1791 or just….91 – the original 90s. Anyway, timelines aside, new single ‘Starin’ at the Freaks’ has a perfectly perky garage-pop beat to it but mixed with shoegaze guitars that have been force fed Valium for weeks. Ferrie’s voice is downbeat but with a sense of determination that sees him through and that beat just keeps things on pushing away at your brain. This is a hard one to pin down but if you imagine the Lemonheads and the View were asked to collaborate on a soundtrack to a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sequel then this is what one of the montage pieces would sound like and that’s a film I would watch.

Live Dates:

5th April – Sunbird Records, Darwen
6th April – Flashback Records, London
7th April – Thinking/Not Thinking Fest, London
10th April – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
13th April – The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow