Danielle Duval – Lose It/Subway Wall
Danielle Duval - Lose It/Subway Wall

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto’s delightfully named Danielle Duval with a two-headed beast of a single and both heads are beautiful…which is nice. Head one is ‘Lose it’ and if the chorus doesn’t get you then the 70s French pop stylings will. Mixing elements of Christine and the Queens with Melanie Safka and producing the whole thing with the ears of LadyHawke and Arcade Fire at their most whimsical, this opening track is both optimistic and has a tinge of sadness in the underlying synth chords that make this instantly lovable. The briefest of pauses and a change in the beat pulse and we’re in to ‘Subway Wall’ which has a more contemporary feel but still keeps those melodies and that synthetic instrumentation deeply rooted in the early days of Disco and Synth-Pop. Duval is a very real and serious talent who is deserving of greater exposure and success than this humble blog can bestow but it’s a start, right? Come and get involved.

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