Binky - Jackie D

Binky – Jackie D 

Release Date: Out Now

So, apparently pop-country is a thing now and no, that doesn’t just mean Shania Twain. UK based pop-country artist Binky might sound like a bit-part player in Made In Chelsea but thankfully she’s more interested in hanging out in casinos wearing Tron outfits and singing about Bourbon. New single ‘Jackie D’ has a hint of the Meghan Trainor about it but with more mid-West sass and a pleasing country lilt to the beat. Binky’s voice is pure pop for the most part but every now and then there’s a Dolly Parton twang that creeps in and you’d be hard pushed to identify her as British while the chorus line of “Jackie, Jackie, Jackie D, raining, raining, down on me” won’t win any songwriters awards but in terms of evoking images of a party in a whiskey soaked bar this does the job with aplomb. Pop-country might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it beats the shit out of another breathy waif singing lazily about how she ‘just wants your body’ or some other regret. Binky packs a punch and that punch has been spiked.

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