The Maple State – Winner (Far Out Records) 
The Maple State - Winner

Release Date: Out Now

In the old days, I used to get a bus in to town, pick up a new single on CD or tape or vinyl and then get a bus home to sit in my bedroom and just devour those precious three-minute songs. Over and over and over I would listen before eventually moving on to the B-sides and memorising them as well. These days, music is all too easy to come by and too fleeting so this new single by the Maple State has somewhat thrown me. ‘Winner’ is the latest release by the Manchester trio and over the last few days I have listened to it at least 25 times. I’m not sure whether it’s the clean, raw sound of the drums at the beginning or the sparse guitars that get the juices flowing fist but when that throbbing, pulsing bass joins in I’m completely sold. Like Maximo Park or Young Knives, the Maple State fuse intricate guitar melodies with desperate, breathless vocals speaking of improbable break up heartache but with an air of hope, optimism even. “You said you want it and you need it now, and there’s gonna be a winner” sings and by the end of the first listen you can’t help but be swept away by the energy, the euphoria of the ending and the sense of catharsis brought about in a little over three minutes. 
Thank you to the Maple State, you’ve done something very, very special here.

Live Dates:

31st March – The Rocksteady, Dalston
13th April – Jimmy’s, Manchester
22nd April – The Lexington, London

Watch the Video: