The Blinders – Gotta Get Through (Modern Sky UK) 

The Blinders - Gotta Get Through 

Release Date: Out Now

If Garth Marenghi joined up with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to make a rock-u-mentary then it might just look and sound something like this. The urgency and dark tones of ‘Gotta Get Through’ are sumptuous as the guitars reach out from the shadows like evil spirits, the drums pierce the dark and the primal screams are only kept chained to the wall by the heavy rumble of the bass. There is urgency, raw power, energy and an unerring sense that this music flows through the members of The Blinders rather than being a conscious creation. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what rock’n’roll is supposed to sound like but don’t bother taking notes, you can’t learn this kind of thing – it’s either in you or it isn’t.

Live Dates:

6th June – Borderline, London
8th June – Gorilla, Manchester

Watch the Video: