Purple Thread – Glitter 
Purple Thread - Glitter

Release Date: Out Now

Leeds is a pretty consistent producer of great music at the moment along with Canada and Sweden so I’m excited to hear the new track by Leeds quartet Purple Thread. ‘Glitter’ starts off a little pedestrian, however, with some basic indie-rock chops but the dulcet, sultry tones of frontwoman Liz Mann catch the attention and the chorus redeems proceedings with some full on grunge action. The whispered middle-eight is delicious and by the time the throbbing synth sounds emerge towards the end this track is full strutting on to the dance floor wearing a coat made entirely of a new genre – glam-grunge. Not the finished article but there’s a whole bunch of promise and potential here which is AOK by me.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/purplethreadband/