Kiko Bun – The Clubs EP (Universal Music) 
Kiko Bun - The Clubs EP

Release Date: Out Now

Every now again, in this blogging game, you come across an artist who not only makes great music but seems like such a fun person that you don’t know whether you want to watch them perform or hang out at the after-show party more. Kiko Bun is one such artist and, if this was a dirty pub in London town then I’d be buying him drinks all night just to keep him sweet. This new release, ‘The Clubs EP’, is a heady, intoxicating brew that blends so many styles and influences that every sip is a different flavour. Opening with ‘Fistful of Nothing’, Bun kicks in to a squeaky sax fuelled slice of Ragga fun that is somewhere between Finley Quaye, Collapsed Lung, Madness and Bob Marley. The energy, beats and generally chaotic party vibe is infectious and if you drop this at a shin-dig this summer then you’ll be on to a winner.

Next comes ‘Maisie’ which is a more straight up Reggae vibed song with tight drums and scratchy guitars that is full of sunshine, no plans and a pocket full of change – good times await. Recent single ‘Stay Bless’ follows on and, well, I’ve been listening to this on a daily loop for weeks so just take it from me – you need this song in your life this Summer if not before. The EP closes up with ‘I Always Knew’ which has a beautiful keys melody that is born in the Ska scene of Britain brining back images of braces, brothel creepers and 3 day weeks. In the 90s, this sound was far more prevalent and it was a happier time for it but now we’re starved of chilled out and bouncing music so having Kiko Bun around is like someone turning up to a shit barbecue with a barrel of strong cider and something cheeky to smoke.

Live Dates:

16th March – HighRise Festival, Leeds