Goan Dogs – Passing Through 

Goan Dogs - Passing Through
Release Date: Out Now

There are some songs that don’t stop with worming in to your ears, they keep going until the beat bubbles up under your skin and the melodies trickle through your veins like thick, sticky blood. This new release from Bristol collective Goan Dogs, ‘Passing Through’, is one such song and I think it might be my new favourite thing (for today, at least). From the rocking, undulating, gentle guitar riff that opens things up like a latter-day Blur track to the Flaming Lips-esque chorus melody via the spaced out Kasabian meets the Doors vibe – it’s just generally superb. Layer on top of that one of my favourite life philosophies about life being a journey, not a destination, and you can see why I’ve fallen in love with this. “Don’t wanna be on your death bed saying shoulda, woulda, coulda” they sing in a way that makes you want to quit the day job and take the first flight outta here. 

Live Dates: 

28th March – The Boileroom, Guildford w/Solv + Pax Atomica
29th March – 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth w/Powdered Cows
30th March – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London
31st March – Thekla, Bristol w/Harvey Causon

Watch the Video: