<track not found> – The Only Way Is Lost EP

<track not found> - The Only Way Is Lost

Release Date: Out Now

If you come across a trio of teenagers called Grace, Maisie and Emma from Guernsey you might be forgiven for expecting some whimsical, folky affair. Well stop thinking like that, you’re wrong. <track not found> set their stall out early with the trembling dramatics of ‘Code Red’ channelling Muse back when their Jeff Buckley influence was still front and centre. The musicianship is impressive enough but when it’s performed with such bone shaking and gut-wrenching intensity you can’t help but be impressed (and slightly concerned as to what’s going on around Guernsey).

‘Saint Tears’ is the middle track of the EP and has a more funk-rock groove with a 90s Grunge influence from the Red Hot Chili Peppers through to Reef but all via Mud Honey and Hole. The EP closes out with ‘Ecstasy’ and it only takes a few seconds for this track to conjure images of youthful circle pits and sweaty angst being let out in a glorious release of energy. The grinding, grungy guitars and powering drums just make this a total blitzkrieg of a track and the heavy guitars leave you in no doubt that these ladies came to rock, whether you like it or not. Personally, I like it. A whole bunch.