Danny Wright – I Didn’t Like You (And I Really Mean It) 

Danny Wright - I Didn't Like You (And I Really Mean It)
Release Date: Out Now

This might be the kind of song title that you’d expect an angry 13 year old to write and Danny Wright might look like Russell Kane’s little brother but I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for this track. Sure, ‘I Didn’t Like You (And I Really Mean It)’ is pitched somewhere between Busted, McFly and Sum 41 but those guys are all embarking on reunion tours right so maybe it’s not a bad path to follow. As pop-punk break up songs go, ‘IDLYAIRMI’ is impetuous, petty, stroppy and everything you honestly feel when you’re breaking up with someone that you’ve shared piece of your life with. Don’t be surprised to hear this played in the background when Donald Trump walks of talks with Vladimir Putin sometime in the future, just before we’re all scorched to death by nuclear war (Danny Wright will be replaced with a robot for his reunion tour – assuming one person can have a reunion).

Live Dates:

29th May – Eagle Inn, Manchester
30th May – Fox & Newt, Leeds
31st May – Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham
1st June – Suburbia, Southampton
2nd June – Surya, London

Watch the Video: